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Rooms to dream

Restful nights at the Weinberghotel Edelacker

Overnight stay at the Weinberghotel Edelacker

Whether you’re on holiday, traveling or on business, you find rooms to accommodate one to five guests

The Weinberghotel Edelacker offers every guest the right room. Lovebirds, young families, friends traveling together or businesspeople – everyone can experience nights of restful bliss and relaxation at our hotel. Find out more about our rooms below and book through our website for the best prices.


Are dogs allowed in the hotel and in the guest rooms?

Since 01.01.2024, bringing pets into the Weinberghotel Edelacker is not allowed.

Is smoking allowed in the hotel?

The Weinberghotel Edelacker is a non-smoking hotel. Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes is prohibited in the entire building and in all rooms.

This rule does not apply on our terraces, provided that other guests do not feel disturbed. There is a smoking area at the side entrance of the hotel.

Is there a lift in the building?

In fact, the Weinberghotel Edelacker has two lifts. These can take you from the lowest terrace level to the top floor of the hotel.

There are only six rooms which cannot be accessed using the lift and can only be reached from the reception level via a short flight of stairs.

Does the hotel offer wheelchair accessible guest rooms?

Yes! In the Weinberghotel Edelacker, some double rooms have been optimised for use by wheelchair users. The bathroom is equipped with typical handles, an emergency cord and toilet seat. If you need one of these rooms, please contact our reception staff before booking.

Are there cots in addition to extra bed options?

For parents traveling with a small child, we are happy to offer baby cots. Let our staff know of this request at the latest upon arrival, and you can sleep peacefully. This service is free of charge.

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